Rehoboth  is one of the oldest and most historic towns in the state. The idyllic small, rural environs of yesteryear remain in this historic woodland area. It’s conveniently located within easy reach of Boston, MA, Providence, RI and the beaches of Cape Cod and Rhode Island.


Mostly a suburban community, Rehoboth posesses historic sites that dot the landscape, but maintains its rural community feel. Rehoboth has 6 golf courses–Rehoboth, Crestwood, Sun Valley, Pine Valley, Hidden Hollow and Middlebrook–as well as a number of horse stables. Unique stores and shops can be found in its various intimate corners. This town carries the distinction of being the birthplace of public education in North America and prides itself on an excellent educational system to this day. The Hornbine School was built in 1845-46 as one of Rehoboth’s 15 one room schools and is visited by Rehoboth’s third graders as part of their local history education. It is also open to the public at scheduled times.


Rehoboth’s localities are: Four Corners, Hornbine, Kingmans Corner, North Rehoboth, Pecks Corner, Perrys Corner, Perryville, Rehoboth Village, South Rehoboth and Anawan Rock.

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